It was the midst of winter; a breath of cold air was like a glass of water left on a chilly night, down your throat, giving you a chest stuffed of coldness, making people shiver from inside out. With this kind of weather there was few people on the streets, the warm glow by the roadside from the Coffee Shop was more dusky than usual.

The girl at the counter, while skillfully taking orders, couldn’t help but also glance by the corner of her eyes at the man by the window.

There were many customers that evening; the cold weather certainly was one of the reasons, but I’m afraid one of the bigger reasons would be that young man sitting in front of the glass window.

He was really handsome, it was hard to imagine being able to see such good-looking people out of the big screen.

Wearing just but the most simple creamy-white wool shirt, but because of the soft texture and color lining his facial features seemed more sophisticated. In the Coffee Shop under the warm golden light, the lighting bathing his handsome face gave an ethereal feeling; common people could help but want to take a few more glances.

The clerk girl definitely wasn’t the only one having such thoughts, regardless of customers or waiters; no one was an exception at the Coffee Shop.

It obviously wasn’t nice to be stared at on such a casual or careless way. The young man grabbed the cup of caramel macchiato in front of him, looking at the thick caramel and thick milk foam people felt sickly sweet, but he did drink it clean, and looking at his demeanor he seemed to think it wasn’t (sweet) enough.

The girl was looking forward for him to renew his cup, but unfortunately, he got up and left, probably the number of times she peeked at him was too much and it bothered him? But she really couldn’t help it, the girl holding her cheek though to herself: Why do such good-looking people don’t join the entertainment business?

Outside of the Coffee Shop, while walking on a deserted street, Bai Yue Sheng faced that same problem.

Neat suit, hair combed back, with a shrewd face; that was how the man he was stopped by was: “Hello Sir, I’m going to take the liberty to introduce myself; I’m a scout from Star Entertainment, I have observed you for a long time, I think you have great potential, would you be interested in joining our team?”

Bai Yue Sheng voice showed alienation and indifference: “Sorry, I’m not interested.”

The witty man quickly said: “This is my business card. Start Entertainment is a big company. I can connect you to the headquarters, get the gold manager to handle you, introduce you to veteran movie actor Bo Lun and the likes, make you the next big star…”

“I can’t sing nor act, I don’t want to make money by becoming famous, is that clear enough?”

That scout obviously had never encountered such situation. But the face of that young man was too good-looking, such face by itself, if he missed that chance it would be hard to come across such great deal again, so he patiently said: “Can judge your talent after you sing a song, also, acting can be cultivated, you have that kind of vibe looks…”

“Oh, this face…” Bai Yue Sheng very calmly said “For the whole thing, I spent hundreds of thousands.”

Scout: “…”

Bai Yue Sheng said very serious: “I have the doctor’s phone here, do you need me to write it down?”

At the end, it wasn’t the Scout’s first rodeo, how would he be easy to scare off? He quickly said: “Since you have spent so much time fixing your face, presumably you would want for more people to see it, so, why not…”

Bai Yue Sheng could only resort to his last move: “To tell you the truth, I can’t enter the entertainment business because I have criminal records.”

Scout: “…”

Bai Yue Sheng smirked, exposing a rather strange cold smile with an eerie felling: “Knife stabbing and… drug abuse.”

The scout exclaimed out loud: “You… You…”

Bai Yue Sheng sighed: “Seven in, seven out, I really can’t quit.”

This time, Bai Yue Sheng having an angelic face, couldn’t afford but push the scout to pay a little piece of mind, for public figures if such things are leaked, let alone making money, the entire entertainment company will also be pulled down into the mud.

Finally having gotten rid of that man, Bai Yue Sheng rather melancholic went home.

He could only walk –Because he can’t even buy a car at all.

He as a B-level clerk of the Space-time Management Bureau, his work was to shuttle between different worlds accomplishing different tasks, after going through nine worlds, because his tasks had a very high degree of completion, each rating being an S, an exception was made and got a promotion main task, task sounded simple: A mediocre life for 20 years at his original world.

For this Bai Yue Sheng that was the kind that relies on himself alone, really was easy as breathing.

Who would have thought that after accepting the task he would find out there still were many restrictions.

For example, one of those was: He couldn’t change his appearance (but a 40% reduction of his looks was allowed).

Coming and going between 9 worlds, he accumulated countless Time-space currency, Bai Yue Sheng body had long ago been strengthen to its top state –enough to absolutely shock all humans on earth, let alone a 40% reduction, even if it was down by 60% – from an ordinary person there still was a big gap.

With such a face, even if he wanted to be lackluster it would not be easy.

And for this so-called “ordinary” promotion task the conditions were even more numerous.
First of all, his popularity value couldn’t be higher than 100,000, so he by no means could become a celebrity, in the whole sense of the word.

And again, his wealth value couldn’t exceed the 100,000, so he couldn’t own a house or a car, having to rent some place to live, getting transported by foot. Also because his face was too troublesome, it wasn’t easy to take the public transport, if taking a ride he would be annoyingly forced to “chat” through all the way.

Bai Yue Sheng had only lived on earth for a year, he was starting to worry, how would he carry on for the remaining 19 years?

Not to mention, he was also given the Lucky Charm S (rank) Physique.

What was an S rank luck magnet like? It was…

Bai Yue Sheng kicks a hard object with his feet, bends down, and goes FML 1.

At his feet, there was a black suitcase spread open, by it a neatly stacked whole row of genuine shiny new pink grandpas 2.

Roughly guessing, there were around hundreds, nearing a million.

See, the so called Lucky S Physique was going for a stroll at the cold streets, lifting your feet to find that guy, easily accounting 1 million in cash.

If Bai Yun Sheng were to pick it, his promotion task was good as failed, because his wealth value couldn’t exceed 100,000.

Bai Yue Sheng could only regard money as litter by the street, walking away not even taking a second glance under his feet, as if stepping on insignificant fallen leaves, calmly resuming his way home.

Lord knows he was a miser, even if cash money was worthless at the Space-time Management Bureau, but for that money just now, having to renounce to it like that, made his heart ache.

Poor Bai Yue Sheng, he couldn’t even think of a comeback3, the system of his household, Ah Jiu4 was out of reach, he had not even seen his shadow for more than half a month.

Bai Yue Sheng lonely walked for more than a full half hour, his hands and feet already were frozen stiff by the time he finally arrived at the main door.

He at last lived on a really nice place, some high-end, high-rent flats, rents for the consumerist class; got to spend it, as long as his wealth didn’t surpassed the 100,000 mark, it wasn’t against the rules.

Bai Yue Sheng didn’t need to deliberately look for ways to make money, although RMB couldn’t be converted into Time-Space currency, but Time-space currency could replace RMB, so he wasn’t in need of money.

Of course… For the world “ordinary” on his task, money was like an insulator. Had money but couldn’t use it, he was a poor soul.

Bai Yue Sheng got off the lift, just as he arrived to his flat he was suddenly halted at his door.

There stood a bunch of people, seeing a full row of men wearing black suits he frowned; he didn’t have a good hunch.

Just as he expected, the men in suits made way, and a man wearing glasses which was an elite in every sense of the word came, a respectful attitude, his way of speech quite like a the one of a leader: “Greetings Mr. Bai, I’m Ju Guang5 Consortium Ms. Sun’s executive lawyer, Li Qing, I have here a will that concerns you, I hope you can confirm it.”

Bai Yue Sheng calmly said: “I don’t know you nor do I know who that Ms. Sun you mention is.”

The mouth of the man with glasses slightly twitched, hiding his profound disdain, accounting for his professionalism he pushed back thoughts probably such as a “Seeing someone stepping on shit and hitting the jackpot.” Jealousy: “Your parents had a premature dead, having long ago cut relationships with your relatives, for you to not know was unavoidable, Ms. Sun was your mother’s half-sister from her father side, she didn’t have children, so after death, she gave all her belongings to you.”

While speaking, he took out a document of high quality paper filled with black ink words, and handled it to him: “Just sign here and the two billion in assets under Ms. Sun name will be yours.”

1. FML – Originally was 生无可恋 (Shēng wú kě liàn) “There is no love.” ”Life is unforgiving.” Which is basically like ‘all is lost’, ‘life no longer has meaning’, you can picture the kind of sticker where the ‘cold’ wind blows while there is a listless person gazing at the horizon like an old man, wanting to cry but no tears come out, on a FML way.

2. This:

3. think of a comeback – Originally said something like ‘spare a Tucao’.
吐槽 (tǔ cáo) “Comes from the Japanese manzai ‘ツ ッ コ ミ’, the Chinese translation, refers to finding a loophole or keyword or behaviour as starting point, mocking on a doubtful or emotive way” “Additionally to the meaning on anime are, ‘sarcasm’, ‘complain’, ‘nagging’, etc.” Baidu

4. Ah Jiu – Here come 2 footnotes in one:
阿九 – “Dear Jiu” “Dear Nine” but decided to leave in pinyin.
阿 – it’s a prefix, used on an kind of endearing way.

5. Ju Guang – Something along the lines “Condensation of light”, “Where the light merges”.

T/N: Shortened the name because it was too long to write down… _(:3」∠)_



23 comentarios en “Wave of exes. What to Do?! – Chapter 1

  1. Hahahaha lol! I bet it must’ve suck to be lucky and handsome all the time! Because of how much lucky and handsome he is restricted for some of the things and maybe tired of how lucky he is when he can’t even spend or have it (talking about the money and inheritance)

    In my opinion this is off to a good start although I pity mc with his restrictions and constant pestering from other people plus the incoming exes 😂😂😂 gosh, I pray for you MC! Good luck!

    Thank you for the translation! Fighting~!

    Le gusta a 1 persona

  2. Thanks for translating such an exciting story. I have a question though, are you translating the story from Chinese to Spanish and then from Spanish to English or another way? Thanks for taking on this project. Do you have an update schedule? Sorry for bombarding you when you just began translating the story.

    Me gusta

    1. Ahaha don’t worry, well the process is kind of weird, as I ended with a kind of f*cked line of toughts, if I get distracted I might even endup writting on my mixed Spanish and English… But mainly the point is, CN>ENG>SPA~ The first step it’s MTL to a big extent, but look stuff up to make sure. About the update schedule, ATM I have nothing set, probably 2 chapters a week? as I have to double translate, also want to translate another web novel ahahaha…

      Me gusta

  3. I’m sorry…. can I fix the summary? At least some portions of it…
    Bai Yuesheng was a transmigration expert, every mission he had done was one hundred percent completed. The rewards he would get each time would also be the most. After he had passed seven, eight, nine… okay, an unknown number of worlds, the Lord God gave him an opportunity to be promoted to a higher position.

    The request was simple. But Bai Yuesheng did not expect that after he accepted it and had just landed on Earth to settle in, his ‘ex lovers’ would suddenly break through the space-time boundaries to pursue him!

    Bai Yuesheng: As a completely scummy bottom, how should I break through this siege of mental people…and live a steady, average and normal twenty years?

    Author: Hehe.

    Me gusta

    1. Mental people! That was it, while I was writing that my mind was blank and couldn’t come up a good phrasing, also will change it to “okay,an unknown number of worlds” as it better, thanks. Should use the “steady, average and normal” part for the synopsis. About other parts, I have reasons por my wording, the Fast-Wear for the genre plus he is indeed basically an employee (it’s mentioned later), the part about scores is there because there is even a part he mentions he could have gotten a higher one on another world…

      Me gusta


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